Councillors unanimously rejected plans to develop Taggs Boatyard with a long list of reasons for refusal.

The proposed redevelopment of the site in Summer Road, Thames Ditton, was for a three-storey building with a boatyard and offices at ground floor level, with eight flats above.

At the front of the site, the applicant wanted to create a two-storey building with one flat and parking, following demolition of all existing buildings.

The plans were brought to the east area planning sub-committee on Monday, January 27, to allow councillors to share their views and “tighten up” officers’ reasons for refusal.

Councillor Sandra Dennis said she agreed development may be needed but the design was “not appropriate”.

Councillor Karen Randolph said: “The Environment Agency has come out very highly against any building on this site. The front part of the building is in flood zone 3a. This means there are restrictions on the amount of residential development that can take place.

“It is absolutely essential we support the Environment Agency’s view on this.”

An inappropriate use within the flood zone, loss of light and privacy to neighbouring properties and at Thames Ditton Island, bulk, mass, scale, height and sighting and an insufficient contribution to the provision of housing in the borough were among the reasons for refusal.