A youth leader and magistrate who dedicated his life to the community has died.

David Jones worked at Leyton Youth Club, based at Leyton Cricket Ground in High Road, for 40 years and was also a Magistrate for 10 years.

Mr Jones died from complications caused by a stroke on January 24 at the age of 83 in Dartmouth, Devon, where he moved 10 years ago.

His daughter Lorraine Fleming, 58, said: “He was very patient and had a great sense of humour.
“He was never one to jump to judgement before he knew all the facts and he was really great with young people.”

She said her father was keen to encourage young people from diverse backgrounds to join the youth club.

He was also a jazz enthusiast and enjoyed dancing to country and western music.

Mr Jones spent some of his retirement as a supply teacher around Waltham Forest.

Mrs Fleming, an ex-Walthamstow High School for Girls student, recalled one of her father’s more quirky habits.

She said: “He had a funny knack of reading four books at once reading a couple of chapters in one before putting it down and moving on to the next. I’m not sure why.”

Mr Jones leaves behind a wife, Dawn, three children, Graham,  Lorraine and Melanie, four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

His funeral will be held on February 5 at Torbay Crematorium at 1.30pm.

Anyone who would like to attend can call Mrs Felming on 07875 785068.