Kingston's Borough commander Glen Tunstall has officially earned his stripes seven months after his promotion.

His elevation to the top in July despite being a superintendent, only the second highest rank in the Metropolitan Police, was said to have broken a promise by the Met to London councils to give the role sufficient clout.

Kingston police tweeted the news last night saying: "Our congratulations goes to Glenn Tunstall who remains at Kingston after being promoted to Chief Superintendent."

After he was appointed he said: "If there was one borough where I wanted to be borough commander it was Kingston.

“There is so many opportunities working here, and as a sergeant I got to understand the workings of the borough.

“It’s a mandatory posting of two years. I have got three-and-a-half years left [before he is allowed to retire after 30 years’ service] and I would be happy to stay for the rest of that time."