Tenants who illegally sub-let their properties are being given a chance to admit their deceit without fear of prosecution as part of a four-month campaign.

Paragon Community Housing Group and Elmbridge Council have teamed up to tackle the problem in Elmbridge Housing Trust properties.

As part of the key amnesty campaign, which runs until April 30, tenants who are illegally sub-letting a housing trust home or those who are renting a property from a housing trust tenant, can hand in their keys without further investigation.

Tenants who illegally sub-let their homes, if found guilty in court, could be fined up to £5,000, face up to two years in prison or both.

Rachael Smart, Paragon housing manager, said: “The key amnesty gives those people who are illegally sub-letting their properties the opportunity to hand back the property to us without the risk of prosecution.

“We are following every lead at our disposal to crack down on those who illegally sub-let properties with the support from both the public and Elmbridge Council.”

Keys can be handed into the Paragon office at Case House, 85-89 High Street, Walton, until Wednesday, April 30.

Paragon is also calling on residents to help them take action and inform them if they believe a neighbour may be sub-letting their home illegally by calling 01932 235700.