A Tolworth newsagent has lost his licence to sell alcohol for three weeks after being caught selling alcopops to a child.

Dinesh Jadav, who runs George’s Post Office in Red Lion Road, was snared by Trading Standards last September when he sold a 16-year-old test purchaser a Smirnoff mixed drink.

It emerged his record of refusals to sell alcohol had last been updated in July 2011 – by a Trading Standards officer.

Residents wrote to Kingston Council in support of Mr Jadav, with one describing him as “a valued cornerstone of the community” and “irreplaceable”.

Another, a resident of over 60 years, said they had had no need to complain about the shop.

The council’s licensing sub-committee ruled Mr Jadav must enforce Challenge 25  – asking everyone who looks under 25 for ID – and maintain an up-to-date register of refusals.