An MP who has promised to conduct a review into flooding on the River Mole said he is waiting until the current flood problems subside before quizzing the Environment Agency (EA).

Earlier this month Sir Paul Beresford, Conservative MP for Mole Valley, described the flooding as a "unique disaster" and pledged to work with Surrey County Council and the EA to review why flooding happened and how to prevent it.

But after Leatherhead flooded again at the weekend Sir Paul said it was too soon to tackle the EA about the problem or to speak to Gatwick Airport about rumours it had made the problem worse.

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A couple and their pets are rescued on Christmas Eve

He said: "I want to sit down with them in calmer, slightly less watery days and get to the bottom of a whole lot of things.

"I want to get everything organised and together and put these things to them. At the moment they have got their hands full with water everywhere.

"If you have got a disaster, the last thing people dealing with the disaster want is an MP asking them questions when they are dealing with the problem."

Sir Paul said there are a growing number of unsubstantiated stories - including barriers being put up downstream, the use of holding ponds at Gatwick and action by BAA - which he wants to raise with the EA.

Sir Paul said he would speak with the EA before deciding whether he needs to approach Gatwick Airport.

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Flooding at Leatherhead Football Club on Saturday

He said: "If you are going to shoot from the hip, take the gun out of the holster otherwise you will get holes in your feet."

Sir Paul said he will also visit flood victims to discuss what insurance companies are doing and offer assistance if any refuse to pay out.

He said: "I will be going round houses particularly badly damaged to talk through with people what is happening."

He said that he would be "more than happy" to listen to and work with the Mole Valley Action Group, which is being formed by Leatherhead flood victim Nik Cookson.

Sir Paul said: "It’s deeply, deeply sad and this is why we are going to have to work towards improving the flood prevention."

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Damage at Pitstop homeless centre based at Leatherhead Football Club

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A flooded garden in Minchin Close, Leatherhead, on Saturday