Dogs that bit a door-door-saleswoman, a child and a jogger face being put down if their owners do not bring in a range of measures to control them.

Contingency Destruction Orders have been made against the owners of five dogs that were dangerously out of control in public places.

The attacks included two Staffordshire Bull Terriers called Alfie and Vinnie being out of control in Winchcombe Road, Carshalton, on August 1, last year injuring a door-to-door saleswoman who had been chased and bitten on her leg.

A German Shepherd called Max escaped his home and bit a woman jogger was out of control in Wrythe Lane, Carshalton, on September 27.

While two Bishon Frise called Toby and Poloosa bit a small child on the leg causing bruising in Waverley Road on 8 October 2013 after being tied up outside a shop.

Their owners were summonsed to appear at Croydon Magistrates Court during November and December last year after their dogs injured local residents.

The destruction orders require the owners of the dogs to keep their dogs under proper control in public by complying with a number of conditions.

These require the dogs to be kept on a lead, to wear a fully enclosed muzzle, not to be walked by anyone under 18 and to be neutered/spayed and microchipped, with details sent to police.

They must inform police if dog is sold or given away and be secured at home with adequate boundary fencing All these conditions must be complied with or the dogs will be seized and destroyed.

Mother wrestled dog to protect children

Elsewhere, a dog that apparently savaged a family pet leaving children shaking in fear has been seized by police.

Officers seized the Dogue de Bordeaux Boxer cross in Woodmansterne Road in Carshalton on Thursday, January 16.

The seizure came following a report that the dog had ran out of a home and attacked another dog that was being walked by a woman and her three children on December 31.

The attacking dog sank its teeth into the family's smaller dog causing the children to scream and run to hide in a nearby driveway.

The mother wrestled the angry dog and held it still in case it attacked her children and after three to five minutes a man came out of the same house the dog had run from and  took it away without uttering a word of apology.

The woman took her children to their home nearby and told police they were shaking in fear after the incident.

Their dog had four deep puncture wounds to its groin, two wounds on its left side, bruising on  its side and stomach and wounds on its paws.

The mum had treatment, including a tetanus injection, for a wound on her hand.

The seized dog's future will be decided at a court hearing for which a date has yet to be set.