Well let’s get it out of the way immediately, ‘Happy New Year to you all!'

I know it’s a bit late for some but it’s my first column of 2014 and I believe the first month of the year should be a positive start for the full 31 days.

I’m still buzzing after our first Christmas as a family of four. It was so special. My son also had an amazing birthday on Boxing Day – our house was full of friends and children and the birthday cake I made him was a hit! Phew!

Finally, Michael and I had a fun wedding anniversary; celebrating with a night out on the tiles. It was a jam packed festive season and I hope you all had a fabulous time too.

Here’s a question for you, why does the start of the year have to be so hectic? I haven’t stopped.

Michael and I detoxed for five days as we had indulged to excessive during December and we’ve started back at the gym.

It’s also been back to work. This week I was lucky enough to film around North Kingston for The One Show.

I had to knock on doors to see if residents needed any clutter clearing away.

According to a recent report, clutter causes stress, so I was on a mission to help.

Everyone was so lovely and welcoming; generously giving me their unwanted items (it was all passed on to people who needed it).

I also found it funny residents were asking me about my children and ‘Masterchef’ husband; as they ‘always read my column in the Surrey Comet’.

It reiterated the positive feeling I have about my neighbourhood.

There’s a real community spirit and that’s the way it should be. When I got home, my son was waiting at the window waving, and Michael had prepared dinner! Here’s to 2014.