An evening of fun, warmth and big laughs is expected as Stephen K Amos delves into the role of the modern spokesman.

Having taken his hit show, The Spokesman, to Australia and New Zealand last year, and performed it at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the summer, the famous funnyman will be bringing it to Redhill next month and has promised it will not lack in audience participation.

The Spokesman will present an interesting look into the roles of spokespersons in the modern world and examine the role of these people who Amos says usually act as firefighters to dampen the flames on a negative story.

Speaking to Vibe about his upcoming show, Amos says it has been a busy year, but despite spending much of his time on the road, it has been great to take The Spokesman to different places.

"Australia was absolutely incredible. I did four-and-a-half months in total and toured all over the place.  It was good fun and I was away for our horrible winter so that was good," Amos says.

"The idea for the new show came from watching the news and reading the papers and seeing how these spokespersons operated.

"It is quite a fun and interesting angle on it.  I also have a prepared statement for someone in the audience to read on my behalf.

"There are elements of the show where it is rehearsed and pre-planned but there are other aspects where I want to get the audience involved, but in a relaxed way.  I am not there to intimidate them, I want them to participate.

"As far as I am concerned no one will be made to look like a fool, that is not my style."

Known for his interactive comedy shows, Amos is a regular on the international comedy circuit and began his career as a compere at the Big Fish comedy clubs in South London.

He made his debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2001, where, in 2006, he performed his solo show All of Me in which he publicly revealed his homosexuality to the audience for the first time.

Amos is also a talented actor and has impressed audiences and critics with his on stage and screen performances, in which he has proved he has a gift not only for comedy but for more serious roles.

Stephen K Amos - The Spokesman; Harlequin Theatre and Cinema, Warwick Quadrant, Redhill; February 2, 8pm; £16; call 01737 276500; visit