A frustrated elderly man has been left in limbo after a car park barrier smashed down on his car more than two years ago.

The height restriction barrier shattered the windscreen and dented the body of his green Ford Focus at the Ebbisham Centre car park in Epsom on August 26, 2011.

Brian Beckett, 76, who was in the car with his wife Christine at the time, said they are still waiting for the car park operator, NCP, to take responsibility.

This Is Local London:

Mr Beckett, from Miles Road, Epsom, said: "As we went under the restriction barrier, it came down and went straight through the windscreen. That barrier could have killed somebody.

"There’s not enough being done and NCP should not be getting away with it. NCP have been totally awkward." 

Mr Beckett said that his wife was whiplashed, scratched and shaken up.

He said: "When the window screen smashed she had glass in her hair, in part of her eye and down her face."

Mr Beckett said he had complained to NCP himself and then left the case in the hands of his insurers at Lloyds TSB.

This Is Local London:

A spokeswoman at NCP said a team was dealing with the ongoing case.

She said: "It is very unusual for us to be asked to comment on an insurance claim that we are progressing with the claimant’s solicitors.

"As we are in the process of dealing with this matter and no settlement decisions have been made yet, we are unable to make any comment on this issue."