UKIP members have threatened to “hijack” a hustings event after not being invited to sit on the panel.

Barnet Alliance for Public Services invited members of the Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Green Parties to sit on the panel at this month’s event.

But when the the vice chairman of UKIP’s Hendon branch, Adrian Murray-Leonard, requested to attend - he was told he was unwelcome.

A row then erupted when Mr Murray-Leonard said he and other members of the party would "crash" the meeting.

BAPS committee member Phil Fletcher said: “We discussed it at length and we have come to a democratic decision not to allow UKIP to sit on the panel.

“We are opposed to their policies on immigration, which we believe are racist. Our meetings are open to anyone who agree with our views.

“UKIP are not on the council in Barnet so it did not make sense to invite them.”

BAPS - who preach fairness and democracy - will hold four public meetings to give residents the chance to quiz party leader’s ahead of May’s elections.

Mr Fletcher added there were “logistical” problems with fitting members of all parties on the stage.

He said: “We just don’t have room for them on the committee and they asked if they could take part too late.

“I’m not sure if we would have considered them anyway, though - but now they’re threatening to crash and hijack it. They are still welcome to come as members of the public.”

The Times Series is awaiting comment from the Hendon UKIP Party.