New dog control orders (DCOs) were implemented across the borough last week.

The council says the DCOs, the result of almost a year’s work, give dog owners a clear understanding of their responsibilities.

The orders define where dogs must remain on a lead, where dog owners can be directed to place dogs on a lead and the responsibility of dog owners to clean up after their pets.

But concerns have been raised about the accuracy of signs outlining the orders.

Deputy council leader and cabinet member for the environment Clyde Loakes said: “For responsible dog owners this will be a welcome clarification of how they can use our parks, and for irresponsible dog owners it provides fair warning about when we will enforce against breaches of the orders."

Over 750 residents responded to a consultation expressing a majority of support for the proposals, Cllr Loakes added, resulting in a consistent and balanced approach between the rights of dog owners and other park users.

The DCOs also closed a loophole which did not allow enforcement against owners who failed to clean up after dogs in cemeteries, car parks and public land owned by the Corporation of London, such as Epping Forest.

Dog owners’ group Waltham Forest For Dogs (WFFD) were involved in a consultation during the summer over the orders which the group’s chair Mark Fisher said was “considerate and effective”.

But he added: “I am dismayed at the implementation of signage as evidence to date.”

He said signs at Stoneydown Park were wrong and that signs at Chestnuts field are only displayed at the main entrance, meaning anyone who enters at a different location is ignorant about the DCOs.

“I have been told that these are temporary and the permanent ones will be correct but it begs the question of ‘why bother?’ and ‘at what expense to the taxpayer?’”

He added that the Kitchener Road Park signs are “wrong, full stop”.

“They say no dogs in that area and no dogs in the fenced off sports field,” he said.

“That means the whole park since there are only these two areas.”