An extraordinary meeting was held to discuss recommendations on changes in care after three adult deaths and a serious incident involving pressure ulcers, it has emerged.

The Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board held an ‘extraordinary meeting’ on October 21 last year to consider draft recommendations from two serious case reviews (SRC) and two case reviews.

The board works to ensure the effectiveness of safeguarding in Sutton and is made up of representatives of the police, council, Care Quality Commission and various emergency services.

One SRC involved a fire death and the other related to Gloria Foster, from Banstead, who was left alone for nine days when her Sutton-based care agency was shut down by immigration police.

The two case reviews include another fire death and a serious incident where a person suffered pressure ulcers but survived.

It is understood the two fire deaths being investigated are that of pensioner and animal enthusiast Jed Edge who was killed in a fire in his Benhill Wood Road flat in April and Andrew Kirby, both vulnerable men known to social services.

The council were unable to divulge any of the draft recommendations except of those made following Gloria Foster's death which include making sure action and checking is undertaken to secure the safety of vulnerable adults.

Final reviews will be published after March and their recommendations are being incorporated into the Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board business plan for 2014-15.

A spokeswoman for the council said: "The findings of the Serious Case Reviews and case reviews regarding adult deaths caused by fires and pressure ulcers will be ready for publication and release into the public domain in March 2014. 

"This is due to agreement between partner agencies across Sutton and the independent chair of the Adult Safeguarding board; as a result we are not able to provide case information before this date."