The MP for Hertsmere has said 2014 will be a good year for the people of the borough.

Mr Clappison, who visited many local businesses in the run up to Christmas, said the entrepreneurs he had spoken to were beginning to spot “green shoots” in the local economy.

He said: “I’m optimistic about this year. Everywhere I see there are signs Hertsmere is coming out of the economic crisis and businesses are beginning to prosper.

“I predict my constituents will feel the benefits of a brighter economic climate this year.”

The MP said this success was due in no small part to the new chamber of commerce Hertsmere Connect, which he said he fully supported.

He added: “However we cannot afford to be complacent. Some people are still feeling the pinch and we must do all we can to support organisations such as Borehamwood Foodbank, who help them when times are hard.”

This optimism comes as Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced today that if the Conservative Government were re-elected, it would need to make a further £25billion in spending cuts, most from the welfare budget in order to help balance the books.

Mr Clappison said cuts were necessary to help reduce the national debt, but added that “with a bit of luck”, the books could be balanced through economic growth.