Water seeping through the roof of Epsom station will not be fixed until a cherry picker crane arrives next week.

Buckets were spotted on the floor of the station this afternoon as puddles of water built up around them.

A spokesman for Southern trains, which runs the station, said it is not a leak and has been caused by guttering becoming blocked by debris from the heavy rain and bad weather.

He said: “Just above the entrance to the station is a large glass canopy which slopes towards the station and behind that there is guttering.

“The guttering gets blocked, and has with leaves and detritus because of the bad weather. 

“It has had to be cleared once before but it’s a major operation and requires a cherry picker to be there and pick the stuff out.”

The spokesman said there was no fixed date as to when the blockage would be cleared by the crane but that it would happen “sometime in the next week”.

A £20m redevelopment of Epsom station was completed last year which revamped the station’s ticket hall, facade, car park, waiting shelters, toilets and cycle storage.

In Epsom High Street, the heavy rainfall of the last week has also taken its toll.  The Queen Elizabeth Foundation charity shop had a sign up saying it was “closed due to flooding”.