Cobham roads began to resurface yesterday afternoon after some of the worst flooding in recent years started to drain away.

The Painshill roundabout was once again visible are being temporarily lost beneath inches of water after the River Mole overflowed into the town, but flood signs were left in place as a precaution.

Along Mill Road, the River Hill structure was just visible as river levels remained high, with water covering the grassed areas and taking over the pavement. The town has suffered flooding twice in as many weeks after some of the worst rain and storms since the 1960s hit the UK.

At St Andrew’s Church, clergy, parishioners and church staff swooped in to help remove items in the parish office after floodwater crept in on Christmas Eve.

David Taylor, churchwarden, said Churchgate House had about 1ft of water at the rear and slightly less in the front ahead of Christmas.

He said: “The building is now out of action and will be out of action for three months. On Christmas Eve, as the floods were coming up, everything was taken out of the building and we are now setting up an office in the church. It is something we could do without.

“We are not happy but I have to say I am really grateful for the people who came out and helped us, including some young people who helped across the way. It is nice to see the community coming together and helping one another.”

Mr Taylor said during the second spout of bad weather, the water was just a few inches away from getting into the building once again and said a “long term view” about the parish centre will have to be taken.