More than a quarter of year 6 pupils in Elmbridge are classed as overweight or obese, statistics have revealed.

The data, complied by Public Health England as part of the national child measurement programme, also revealed that 14.6 per cent of children of reception age in the borough had a weight problem.

Pupils had their height and weight measured and were then categorised as either underweight, of a healthy weight, overweight or obese.

Less than 1 per cent of reception children and 1.3 per cent of year 6 pupils were classed as underweight, while 84.9 per cent of four and five year olds and 72.6 per cent of junior school leavers were classed as having a healthy weight.

Levels of overweight and obese children in the borough were lower than the countrywide average, which stands at 22.3 per cent for reception children and 33.3 per cent for 10 and 11-year-olds.

Councillor John O’Reilly, leader of Elmbridge Council, said he was shocked by the number of pupils in the borough deemed overweight or obese.

He said: “Compared to the national average, Elmbridge is healthy but I am surprised at the extent. The council is committed to do its best to give our residents the opportunities to take more exercise.

“Elmbridge is so full of lovely green spaces and parks and the council does as much as it can to encourage residents of all ages to enjoy the outdoors and we try to make a positive contribution to residents’ health.

“Our contribution as a council is to make opportunities available that are fun and can lead to a healthy lifestyle.”

As part of the study, 1,324 reception children, 87 per cent of reception pupils and 92.9 per cent of year six pupils in the borough were studied to assess overweight and obesity levels within primary schools nationwide.