Mum's the Word with Angellica Bell: Together we watch the world go by

This Is Local London: "I’m relaxed, happy and go to the corner shops in my pyjamas." "I’m relaxed, happy and go to the corner shops in my pyjamas."

Having my children has been the most amazing experience ever. I know this is an obvious thing to say, but I just wanted to put it out there.

And it goes without saying, without my husband my children wouldn’t be here, so having him in my life is pretty incredible too.

Creating your own family is special and when the time is right for an individual, they take that life changing leap into the unknown not knowing what’s in store.

Well I can safely say I’m out the other side and life had added value.

I’m relaxed, happy and go to the corner shops in my pyjamas. I love my work, but don’t put it before my little ones, and I’m not looking at my phone or taking calls every five minutes especially when I’m playing with the children.

My toddler wouldn’t let me anyway.

He’s at the stage where it’s all about interaction and having intellectual babbling conversations with a comprehensible word thrown in every so often.

Every morning he insists on playing his number game and going through his flashcards. Long may it last (I’m thinking till he’s 18 perhaps).

Sometimes we can be in his bedroom in the morning for over an hour before I can drag him downstairs for breakfast.

Another pastime we have is to watch the world go by from my bedroom window.

Little Bear, my son’s nickname for his baby sister, will chill on the bed with her toys, while we count the planes, watch the clouds and get excited when a car drives by.

Again we could be standing for ages, but having said that it’s quite therapeutic for me to take in the world as it goes by and sit back and think, I really am a lucky girl.




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