Children from schools across the borough came together for a day of learning about values within their communities.

Nearly 60 pupils aged five to eight, who all come from schools with a values based curriculum, visited St James Church of England Primary School, Weybridge, on Wednesday, November 13.

Youngsters worked together on a series of activities designed to help them think about courage, trust, love and other values important to them.

The day aimed to celebrate the values by getting children to work together around a common theme.

Dr Neil Hawkes, international values education speaker, visited the school to talk about having positive values and how they benefit everyone in society.

Hugh Rawson, headteacher at St James School, said: “It was great to see the children working so well together. I suppose that is at the heart of our values, being able to work together with everyone you come across, understanding a little more about each person and their situation.

“We hope that the children will be taking these values home and out into their communities so that the values will grow.”

Staff also benefited from the day, with Dr Hawkes leading a training session before meeting parents at a special evening session.