From curious cats stuck in trees to playful dogs trapped in drainpipes - firefighters are sometimes called out to assist with unusual incidents.

But information released to the Times Series shows the London Fire Brigade have been called out to rescue our favourite furry and feathered friends 51 times in Barnet over the past three years.

Hamsters, pigeons, birds, deers and foxes are all among the creatures firefighters have helped save in the borough.

Just last week, firefighters helped rescue Dottie the Jack Russell when she ran into a drainpipe in Sunny Hill Park, Hendon, and disappeared for three hours.

Three domestic pets and one farm animal have been all been rescued after becoming trapped underground - but firefighters could not elaborate on specific incidents.

While heights are not usually a problem for birds and pigeons, they have had to be rescued from height five times.

And over-excitable domestic animals been saved from drowning a total of four times, and saved from a height 17 times.

Our faithful fire crews have also been called out to help save livestock 18 times - and have had to help lift them three times.

Firefighter Mark Blomfield said: “Our usual advice is that if you see an animal stuck somewhere, your first port of call should be the RSPCA, but firefighters will always attend if it’s an emergency.”