A new Controlled Parking Zone will stop commuters from leaving their cars on residential streets near Raynes Park station.

After the recent extension of the Apostles CPZ, a number of roads within walking distance from the station have become lined with commuters’ cars, leaving residents struggling to find a parking space.

David Gaunt, 64, who lives in Abbott Avenue, said: "It’s a nightmare parking in this road now. I think a lot of us feel that the only way to stop commuters parking their cars here is to introduce a new controlled parking zone."

The Street Management Advisory Committee last Wednesday recommended that a number of roads, including Abbott Avenue, Dupont Road, Sydney Road and a part of Kingston Road, be included in the CPZ.

If the decision to introduce a controlled parking zone is approved, it is likely to happen in late October and will involve mainly permit holder bays for residents, their visitors and business permit holders, with a limited number of pay and display bays.

Chris Larkman, 67, of Bronson Road - one of the few roads in the area not to be included into the CPZ, - said: "I’m very angry because they started introducing controlled parking zones everywhere.

"I’m generally against CPZs, but if they are everywhere you are forced to have it, too."

The cost of the first parking permit is £65 a year and the price goes up with the number of cars in a household.

The second permit will cost £110 and the third - £140.