Devoted fans came from around the world to pay their respects to the “fabulous” Marc Bolan who died in a car crash 36 years ago today.

More than 100 people wore T-Rex memorabilia with pride and rocked their curly locks as they gathered at Golders Green Crematorium in Hoop Lane where the singer and glam rock innovator was cremated.

Marc Bolan, who was born Mark Feld, died in Barnes in 1977 when he was 29-years-old but every year his loyal fans have continued to turn up to the crematorium on the day of his death.

Among today's crowd were Marc Bolan’s cousin Caroline Feld, 67, and his first ever girlfriend, Janice Harpin, 67.

Mrs Feld, who lives in East Barnet, said: “Marc and I used to play where I lived in Stamford Hill and we’d have singing and dancing shows. We were like brother and sister.

“He was a lovely boy. He was gentle and always wanted his memory to carry on forever.”

Reminiscing about the three years she dated Marc Bolan, Ms Harpin told the Times Series: “I was 13-years-old and he was my first love. We were inseparable.

“He was really full of himself and always knew he was going to get somewhere. He always had his guitar with him and would be strumming.

“He was always up with the latest fashion and he was very conscious about what he wore.

“We had so many great times. It’s lovely to come here today because you can look back at all those good memories.”

People from as far as Australia, Germany, Sweden and Spain came to take part in the annual event.

Manfred Deppe, 51, has been making the trek from Germany to England every September for the past 22 years.

He said: “It’s a very important day for me every year. It’s very emotional – I feel like I have to be here alongside the other fans so we can commemorate Marc Bolan together.

“I’ve been a fan since 1972 when my older brother first liked T-Rex. I was very sad to hear when he died in 1977 but over the years I have continued to be a big fan."

Everyone gathered inside the crematorium for a special service, during which fans were encouraged to share their memories of the pop legend.

Dozens of people who could not attend the event also shared their commemorations on Twitter via @MarcBolan1977

Billy Idol was among them, tweeting: “Marc, thank you for helping the generation with your incredible love for music across the world.”

The memorial is organised by 56-year-old Barry Smith who is part of the official Marc Bolan fan club.

Mr Smith, who lives in Cheltenham, said: “Marc was one of the only pop stars who had a link with people. When he died people felt a real loss like it was a family member.

“When I was 13 I saved up my pocket money to buy his records. If you were feeling sad you could put his record on and he would make you feel happy and if you were feeling happy it would make you feel even happier. He had a real zest for life.

“Today is all about remembering his death and commemorating his life.”