Plans to ease traffic on the M25 in Enfield have been supported by a Prime Minister’s aide.

John Hayes MP, advisor to David Cameron, met with representatives from hi-tech company Kevin Hughes, who are supporting plans to divert industrial traffic from the Bullsmore Lane junction with the M25 - junction 25 - to Mollison Avenue.

Enfield North MP Nick De Bois accompanied Mr Hayes around the site and has championed the idea of relieving traffic from Bullsmore Lane since he was elected.

The Enfield North MP said: “I was very keen for the minister to understand the importance of this Lea Valley corridor and how we need to continue the investment and the infrastructure.

“It is crucial that we get the northern gateway access road that will link the industrial area of Mollison Avenue with junction 26.”

Hopes of a successful bid hinge on a report from Transport for London (TfL), which has assessed the traffic flow through the junction.

However, Mr De Bois is confident that the report, due this month, will come back with positive results.

He said: “I believe when the traffic assessment is made, that will show the need for the road. When the environmental considerations are taken in to account and how it is going to improve quality of life, it will be a win-win case and I hope we will get a positive response from TfL.”

Special advisor John Hayes said: “He (Nick De Bois) has been incredibly helpful to the business and that is a great tribute to him. It is partly because of Nick that I am here.

“The northern gateway access is a critical part as to why the businesses are here and the Government will need to look at this in the round.”

Chairman of Kevin Hughes, Maxwell Packe said: “We are absolutely delighted that the minister has graced us with his presence here, we really appreciate it and we are delighted that we have built a working relationship with MP Nick who has been extremely helpful to us.”