Kingston and Surbiton MP Edward Davey came under the glare of studio lights last night on BBC Question Time – and the harsher stare of the Twitterati.

The energy minister appeared alongside comedian Russell Brand and London’s Mayor Boris Johnson last night.

In real life the MP has a comfortable majority of 7,560 votes, but reviews last night were decidedly mixed.

Viewers took to Twitter during the broadcast to voice their amusement, frustration, and confusion.

They said:


Ed Davey looks like he should be co-commentating on an England rugby match. #bbcqt

— Daniel Maier (@danielmaier) June 20, 2013


Listening to #bbcqt. No wonder Boris is popular. Ed Davey is as charismatic as a used teabag.

— Daniel Sage (@djsage86) June 21, 2013


Tonight was the first time I looked at Ed Davey as future leadership material. There's deffo potential, but not yet a finished product

— A.A.Emmerson (@AAEmmerson) June 20, 2013


We need drug debate evidence-led says Ed Davey. All evidence shows cannabis & ecstasy less harmful than alcohol, so why not legalise? #bbcqt

— Ian Birrell (@ianbirrell) June 20, 2013


Boris looking deeply unimpressed with Ed Davey's desire to change the law on drugs. Says we have the "balance about right" just now #bbcqt

— Pippa Crerar (@PippaCrerar) June 20, 2013


For someone who is supposed to be in charge of energy, Ed Davey is a constant drain on most peoples. #bbcqt

— Tiernan Douieb (@TiernanDouieb) June 20, 2013


Mr Brand called for a re-think on how drug users are dealt with by Britain’s legal system, and said users should be treated with empathy.

Mr Davey said: “I think we do need to review the drug laws, I think we need to look at the evidence.

“As Russell said if we can treat people with humanity when they've got an addiction, and try to help them get off that addiction, that can make a real difference to that person's life and the wider society.”

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