Live fish, frozen turkeys and a thousand right-foot shoes are just some of the odd items a self storage company has been asked to look after.

The Harrow branch of Access Self Storage has revealed the top ten oddest items to be stored in its units during the past year.

Included in the list was a fishmonger who wanted to store her stock while she searched for new premises.

Store Manager, Somaya Serraj said: “Over the past year we have seen an increase in the number of odd requests that we are getting from people looking for extra space.

“For some, such as the hoover or the shoes, we are able to create space, but for others it is just not practical.”

Another request was to store hundreds of frozen turkeys over the Christmas period which soon proved difficult - units are not freezers.

The list also included a thousand right shoes, stuffed animals, an 18-foot statue, bags of mown grass and one vacuum cleaner from a customer who lived 45 miles away.