Caring vets who carried out life saving surgery on a stray cat are looking for a purr-fect home for him.

The black and white moggie was brought into Medivet clinic in Twickenham by a couple who found him looking distressed in their garden.

Head clinician Sarah Baig said the furry feline had a life threatening urinary obstruction and, as she did not have the heart to put him down, decided to give him a chance at life.

She said: “It is a really, really difficult decision. We don’t often get strays. We usually help owners make the decision as it lies with them.

“We just didn’t have the heart because he seemed otherwise healthy so we decided we would give him a chance.”

The cat, who nurses named BMW after their favourite car, underwent two rounds of surgery and had intensive nursing support to bring him back to full health.

Mrs Baig said: “This little cat has been a very brave, loving patient and has made a good recovery. “When he came in he was almost semi feral and now will roll over for belly scratches. He’s completely changed.”

No one has yet claimed ownership for the cat, which is not microchipped, so he is being looked after at Medivet until he finds a new home.