An actor who moved to the area after discovering how beautiful St Margarets was while filming at Twickenham Studios, has spoken of his newest project.

Nicholas Farrell is starring in West End hit Peter and Alice alongside Judi Dench, which explores what happened when the original Alice in Wonderland came face to face with the original Peter Pan.

Alice Liddell Hargreaves met Peter Llewellyn Davies at the opening of a Lewis Carroll exhibition in 1932, which writer John Logan portrays in an enchanting clash of reality and truth.

Farrell plays Carroll in the play at the Noel Coward Theatre, which he believes will be a huge hit.

He said: “It’s the only time that Peter Pan and Alice actually meet. It’s a beautiful piece of writing from John Logan.

“The setting is beautiful, so it’s going to be an interesting play. I have only just started the run, but it’s certainly very exciting.”

Speaking about the borough, Farrell of St Margarets Road said: “The river is so close, it’s just a couple of minutes away and it’s still semi-rural around here. And of course, Richmond Park is just up the road. It’s just so wonderful.”

Further theatre work Farrell has starred in includes Stuff Happens, Dinner at the National Theatre, The Strip at Royal Court and Kean at the Old Vic.