A PLUMSTEAD 22-year-old has almost wiped her £2,800 student debt before finishing university with cash made from her booming beauty blog.

Enterprising Lola Omokorede, a final year media student at Westminster University, cashed in on her online presence in a bid to avoid being saddled with spiralling graduate debts.

The "beauty junkie", who has been blogging for just a year, expects to make a profit before graduation with money made from adverts and reviewing cosmetic products for major companies such as The Body Shop.

Ms Omokorede, who has also bagged a part-time PR job, says she started the blog as a hobby and posted for about six months before the offers rolled in.

She told News Shopper: "I am over the moon. I was really worried about being able to repay my student debt and getting a job – this has taken a weight off my shoulders.

"I started blogging because I’m a bit of a beauty junkie and wanted somewhere to share my thoughts. It started as a hobby and it’s great that I’m earning money from doing something that I love.

"I’m really lucky."

The entrepreneur, who posts regularly on her 90 minute commute to class, says it was her boyfriend betting that she would not keep up the blog which spurred her to succeed.

She now scores around 10,000 unique visitors per month with a total 30k views per month and encourages other cash-strapped students to take to the blogosphere.

Ms Omokerede, who lives in St Margaret’s Terrace, said: "I probably blogged for a good six to seven months before offers for payments came in. But the last four to five months have been a bit of a snowball effect.

"Just try and get something up regularly and find your own style. I took inspiration from my favourite bloggers and came up with my own style."

Her idols include fashion and beauty blogger Lily Melrose and she says her beauty product essential is body oil.

To check out Lola’s blog lolastarhearts.com click here.