TEEN dream Justin Beiber's late-running show at The O2 on Monday (March 4) was not a breach of Greenwich Council licensing conditions, it has been said.

The pop star caused many of his young fans to break down in tears with his late appearance earlier this week as they were forced to leave early to catch trains home on a school night

But a spokesman for Greenwich Council said: "The Royal Borough of Greenwich has not taken any action against the owners of The O2 in relation to Justin Bieber’s recent performance, as no breach of our licensing conditions took place.

"It is simply a contractual issue between AEG and the artist involved, as there is no requirement for performances to finish by 11pm.

"The O2 is the world’s most popular entertainment venue and sells over two million tickets each and every year as it plays host to many of the world’s biggest names.

"We take any complaints made in relation to the venue very seriously, but it is an urban myth to suggest that we have ever levied a fine in relation to a performance there."