Life has been pretty stressful over the last few months, and I was desperate to run away and leave it all behind – at least for one night.

Luckily, Rowhill Grange in Wilmington came to my rescue just in time.

My friend and I were invited to eat, sleep and relax in the beautiful hotel, as well as spend some serious quality time in its Utopia Spa.

So we hopped into my 17-year-old banger and hightailed it out of the smoky city.

After only a very short drive, we arrived in the gorgeous, peaceful countryside and pulled up outside the hotel, already feeling like we’d escaped our troubles.

We were warmly welcomed inside, and after getting a key to the Poppy room, our knowledgeable porter gave us a fascinating history lesson while carrying our luggage.

Rowhill Grange was built in 1868 as a summer house for a very lucky 18-year-old girl named Alice Alexander (perhaps a distant cousin of Richie Rich), until it was sold to a Shetland pony breeder in 1916.

It was lovely to see black and white pictures of Alice on the now modern walls of her old haunt – it gives the hotel a superior, stately atmosphere only true history affords.

Having changed hands a number of times since then, this stunning retreat has maintained little hints of its various owners throughout the years.

All of the rooms on one side of the hotel are named after flowers which, according to an old gardener, all grow in the grounds at some point during the year.

It’s charming details like this which make your stay feel instantly luxurious.
Our twin Poppy room was perfect, complete with the softest, comfiest beds you can imagine – bliss.

We could have stayed there all day, but the spa was calling our names.

Putting on the provided dressing gowns and slippers, we rather self-consciously stepped out into the hall and made our way to Utopia.

We had no reason to worry though, as this ultra-relaxed getup is a common look here.

Everyone is at Rowhill for the same reason – to indulge in a little much needed ‘me time’.

You can choose between swimming, sweating your cares out in the sauna or steam room, bubbling in the hot tub or wallowing in the second pool.

There are two floors of pure heaven to wander around, with plenty of magazines to read beside the pool too.

With soft lighting, and Roman-style decoration, it is difficult to remember where you are – the perfect remedy for life’s stresses.

Until April 30, you can take advantage of Rowhill’s amazing deal.

From £129 per person, you can stay overnight, use the spa on arrival and until 3pm the next day, enjoy a 25-minute facial or massage, choose between traditional afternoon tea or dinner and sit down to a full English breakfast before you leave – bargain hunters look no further.

We went for a delicious dinner at RG’s Restaurant.

Although I was tempted by the incredibly posh looking steak which most people ordered, my friend and I were in the mood to be good.

We both chose the sea bass with wild mushrooms and our instantly accommodating waiter had no problem with us swapping the gnocchi for vegetables.

Honestly, I’ve never tasted such wonderfully cooked fish, and the smoky wild mushrooms complemented it flawlessly.

I suspect we will both be on a mission to try better bass for the rest of our lives.

Perhaps the best part of our stay came the following morning after a lovely breakfast – massages in Utopia.

I have been carrying a lot of tension in my shoulders, neck and back ever since a horrid car crash last September, and massage is the only way to ease the pain.

My expert therapist, Marie, knew exactly what to do.

Thanks to her powerful, deep massage I felt like the weight of the world had lifted from my shoulders – it was pure and utter bliss.

I cannot recommend this girl enough, but my friend came back with equally glowing reviews for her masseuse, Elaine.

If you need to unwind, get away from it all (in less than half an hour), and live in the lap of luxury, Rowhill Grange is the ideal retreat.

Don’t miss out on this incredible deal.

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