THE mayor of Dartford took a break from cutting ribbons to serve up some chips.

Councillor Ann Allen popped behind the counter at Gill's Fish Bar in Chastilian Road to celebrate National Chip Week.

The event saw chippies across the country competing for a Choice Chips Award with their take on the nation's favourite salty snack.

More than 35,000 people voted in the contest and although Gill's was not a winner, the family-run business enjoyed a mayoral thumbs up.

Reena Gill, 45, is the second generation of the family to dish-up fish suppers for a living along with husband Paul, 47.

The co-owner of three other outlets in Gillingham said: "It's in the blood really; we don't know anything else but fish and chips.

"Everybody was so excited when they heard the Mayor was coming.

"It was nice to get the community support and get everybody together."

Cllr Allen was also presented with a cheque for £100 to give to a charity of her choice.