A 65-year-old woman from Leatherhead died after collapsing on a bus outside a station yesterday it has been confirmed.

A bus company has said the woman did not have a fall on the bus but died as a result of ‘natural causes’.

An Epsom Coaches Group employee said: "It was not a fall. We have CCTV evidence that has been passed to the police. It was completely natural."

A South East Coast Ambulance spokesman had earlier said they were called to reports of a woman who had fallen and suffered a head injury.

He said: "Our clinicians had to attempt resuscitation of the woman. Sadly despite our best efforts she died at the scene."

A police spokeswoman said they were called to reports of the Leatherhead woman, 65, collapsing on a bus near Leatherhead station.

She said: "From our point of view we are not treating it as suspicious. We are not investigating it."

Police went down to the scene yesterday to offer assistance, help identify the woman and deal with traffic issues.

The case has now been passed on to the coroner.

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