A woman has admitted stealing items worth nearly £700 from a supermarket in Northern Ireland last month.

Sylvia Eastwood, 30, of Cremorne Gardens, Epsom, has pleaded guilty to theft from Sainsbury's on February 20.

Ms Eastwood had yet to enter a plea on whether she went equipped to steal from the Lisburn store with four Sainsbury’s reusable ‘bags for life’.

Ms Eastwood was refused bail on Tuesday at the High Court in Belfast.

The BBC reported prosecutors as saying Ms Eastwood claimed she was told to target Sainsbury’s by a man she met near a Dublin prison.

Counsel for the prosecution said: "She said he threatened her if she didn't steal for him."

Her defence lawyer said she travelled to Ireland to attend a funeral.

Two women allegedly loaded a large quantity of clothes into a trolley during the shoplifting raid.

The second woman has not been traced.