A parking enforcement officer has been disciplined after he was caught parking on double-yellow lines in front of a fire exit.

Resident Rodd Chunn spotted this mobile CCTV van blocking a fire gate and parked on double yellow next to Mitcham Eastfields station on Friday, February 15.

The ex-traffic warden said he had previously seen the vehicle park there on numerous occasions, which he called a “blatant disregard for the rules in an effort to increase council income”.

Since the council took on new powers to enforce traffic offences in May, several readers have complained mobile CCTV vans are parking on double yellow lines while ticketing motorists.

The council has previously defended wardens, stating cars are “permitted by law to park where necessary to carry out their enforcement duties”.

However, on this occassion it noted parking in front of an emergency access point was not permitted.

Councillor Mark Betteridge, cabinet member for performance and implementation, said: “I would like to thank the resident for bringing this matter to our attention.

“We have spoken with the officer concerned and emphasised to all of our parking staff that although enforcement of parking regulations is essential for keeping our roads moving, they must not conduct this in front of an emergency access point.”

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