Richmond’s meals on wheels service is horse meat-free, Richmond Council has confirmed.

No trace of horse meat was found in the meals provided by Apetito, which is Richmond Council’s day centre and community provider of frozen meals to older people and those aged 18+ who are unable to prepare a cooked meal.

A series of DNA tests across their beef product ranges were 100 per cent clear with no equine DNA found.

Councillor Nicola Urquhart, cabinet member for adult services said: “We’re pleased to inform our service users that these DNA test results show that Apetito is not implicated in the horse meat scandal.

“Apetito commissioned immediate tests when the story first emerged, and have since proven that a total of 110 tests carried out across their beef product ranges showed no sign of horse contamination.

“Apetito is 100 per cent committed to producing high quality, nutritious and safe food in which our residents can have absolute confidence.”

About 140 individuals and users of two day centres use the service.