One of Kingston's busiest streets has finally re-opened - more than a week after being closed for emergency sewer repairs.

Eden Street was shut on Friday, February 15 after a sewer collapsed beneath the road close to Primark, Heals, McDonald's and Sainsbury's.

The street was cordoned off between Lady Booth Road and the Nationwide Building Society while Thames Water carried out emergency repairs.

Buses were  diverted to Wheatfield Way while the engineering work took place.

Thames Water previously aimed to have the work completed by last Friday, but the road remained closed over the weekend.

This afternoon, 11 days after the sewer collapsed, Eden Street was finally re-opened.

A Thames Water spokesman said: “This was a must-do job - repairing a partially collapsed sewer in Eden Street to protect homes and businesses from flooding with sewage.

“The broken pipe was at risk of causing a void below the road so we needed to carry out the work to protect the surface above.

“Because the damage was located three metres below the ground we needed to dig a large, deep trench to get access to the collapse. This meant we had to close the road to carry out the repair safely.

“We spoke to the local shopping centre [Eden Walk] to update them on the work and we will be carrying out CCTV surveys of the sewer network to investigate any further repairs that may need to take place.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience it caused.”

Thames Water believes the sewer will need more repairs in the future, and has already warned the road could close again.