Richmond has the lowest child poverty rate in London, according to the Campaign to End Child Poverty.

Richmond’s rate of 7 per cent child poverty was the capital’s lowest, while Tower Hamlets, with 42 per cent, was highest.

Richmond was the only London borough to have a single figure score, with neighbour Kingston second at 11 per cent.

Within the borough, Heathfield ward had the worst child poverty rate with 21 per cent, followed by Ham, Petersham and Richmond Riverside with 16 per cent and Hampton North with 15 per cent.

Whitton had a 10 per cent rate, Mortlake and Barnes Common had 8 per cent, West Twickenham scored 7 per cent, North Richmond, Kew, Barnes and Hampton Wick had 6 per cent and Hampton had 5 per cent.

The remaining seven wards of the 18 had below 5 per cent child poverty rates.

Councillor Christine Percival, cabinet member for children’s services, said there had historically been five areas in the borough with greater rates of child poverty and, although the overall rate in Richmond was positive, the disparities needed to be addressed.

She said: “Half of the problem we have in Richmond is everyone thinks it’s such a rich borough we don’t have these problems, but we do.

“There’s a great need for help from some of these people. We are doing the best we can to try to rectify that situation.”

Councillor Suzette Nicholson, opposition spokesman for children’s services, said: “They might only be considered slightly deprived but it seems even more if you are next to people who are quite wealthy.

“I think one thing I feel the present council could do more is build some social housing.”