A faulty dishwasher sparked a fire at a home in Raynes Park today.

Firefighters were called to Coniston Close in Raynes Park at 12.40pm, after a neighbour smelled burning and went to the house to investigate.

Crews from New Malden and Sutton tackled the fire, which left the house smoke damaged.

Blue watch manager Steve Preston, from New Malden fire station, said the cause of the fire was a dishwasher, which had been left running while the homeowners were out for a day trip during the half term break.

He said: “We put it out fairly quickly and took the offending appliance to fire investigation to have a good look at.

“We do recommend people don’t use things like dishwashers and washing machines when they’re out.

“These are machines and they do go wrong. We’ve seen this happen a lot."