The family of a baby boy battling a brain tumour have raised thousands after wading through freezing cold waters and dragging themselves around one of the toughest assault courses in the world.

Charlie Cox, now 20 months from Morden, was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2011 at the age of eight months.

His battle inspired five members of his family and friends to compete in the Winter Tough Guy Challenge at the end of last month in Staffordshire to raise funds for Brain Tumour Research.

The brutal course, set across 15km, includes a cross country run followed by an assault course known to be one of the toughest in the world.

Of the 4,500 entrants this year, many from the military and RAF backgrounds, only around 3,500 managed to complete the course which this year included all members of Team Charlie.

Charlie’s dad, Glen Cox, 26, a police officer, said: "It really was tough and what made it worse was having to wade through expanses of freezing cold water with ice floating in it.

"When you got out of the water, your clothes were wringing wet and you still had the wind chill factor to deal with too. 

"I owe it to my brother, Simon, for encouraging me and sticking with me and, of course, the thought of Charlie - they both kept me going. 

"We were constantly hearing the sound of ambulance sirens and one person was actually air-lifted to hospital. 

"But I wasn’t going to give up.

"It took me four hours to complete the course, but even if it had taken me ten, I would still have carried on."

Team Charlie has already raised over £6,000 for Brain Tumour Research from various fundraising efforts.

He added: "Through having little Charlie, we have learnt how terribly underfunded research into brain tumours is, receiving less than one per cent of national cancer research spending. 

"So all of us at Team Charlie Cox are intent on raising all we can to help find better treatments and ultimately a cure for brain tumours."

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