A catering couple looking to establish a new market hope to offer something for all the community.

Gary and Sarah Burley, who own event company Bash!, plan to open Hampton Square Market in the new village square, designed by the council as part of the Hampton north uplift programme.

The Hampton couple also run Hampton Hampers Ltd and the Reflections café in the White House Community Centre and have been providing food and events since 1995.

The pair work with Age UK to provide lunches to over 55s at Dean Road Care Centre and hope to start an evening dinner event in Twickenham.

They hope to employ school leavers and students and prove work experience placements to encourage a work ethic.

Mrs Burley said: “We firmly believe in supporting our village, our traders and our community.

“Gary and I are just two people running businesses, working hard, honestly, professionally and hoping to make a contribution to our local borough.

“We firmly believe that Hampton Square Market will be a big part of that and develop Hampton for the whole community.”

A council spokesman said: "Richmond Council has received a planning application from Bash Ltd! requesting permission to create a community market in Hampton Square.

“This application is currently being processed.

“As there will be extensive building work going on in the square later this spring and summer, we are liaising with Bash Ltd to identify where would be an appropriate site for the market and when it could be opened.”

To apply for a stall, email bash.ltd@hotmail.com.

The consultation over Hampton Square is ongoing.