Crime levels, council tax and traffic congestion are the biggest concerns for Merton residents, according to the council's annual resident’s survey.

The twelfth annual survey saw 1092 residents interviewed on their views of the borough which revealed seventy nine per cent of residents believed the council was "doing a good job" while 69 per cent thought it was efficient and well run.

While crime, council tax and traffic were top concerns, fears over the quality of health services in the borough saw the biggest rise with 19 percent listing it as a concern compared with 12 per cent last year.

Recycling was the most highly praised service in the borough with 74 per cent rating it ‘good’ - an increase of seven per cent on last year and five per cent above the London average.

The council were criticised for their parking services which were ranked as the most poorly delivered service with 29 percent rating it ‘poor’.

Policing saw the biggest drop in positive perception with 56 percent rating it ‘good’ - a six per cent drop on last year.

However compared with the London average policing in Merton was rated six per cent higher.  

The borough's parks, playgrounds and open spaces came in for high praise with 72 per cent rating them "good" - five percent above the London average.

While the Wimbledon Guardian was listed as the number one source by residents for getting information about what's going on in the borough.

Councillor Stephen Alambritis, leader of Merton Council, said: "We’re really encouraged that people are saying we offer good value for money and are doing a good job, especially in the context of the tough economic climate we are currently in and the difficult decisions we are having to make.

"The survey is important to the council as it’s one way for us to hear what residents are saying about services and the borough.

"It is central to guiding what we do, as residents’ responses help us decide where we need to work harder to make the borough better."

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