Two cars crashed this morning after skidding on black ice while they were going round a right-hand bend, it is believed.

The incident happened in Woodmansterne Lane, Banstead, between 7.30am and 8am, according to Rosalind Hutchings, a resident of the road.

Miss Hutchings said the cars crashed just past the Longcroft Clinic, going right round the bend of the road, leading from Banstead Village towards Woodmansterne.

She said one of the cars smashed into a lamppost, while the other ended up in a driveway, but no one was injured.

The 64-year-old said the accident was caused by black ice on the road, caused by the a huge puddle on the left -hand side of the road outside the clinic which had frozen - a frequent problem for residents of Woodmansterne Lane.

She said: "Whenever it rains, one side of the lane floods completely and on the other there is a huge puddle.

"The drains have not been maintained. Other residents have brought this problem up on a regular basis. It’s always been an issue."

The police are at the scene and the road is closed.

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