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More disruption as the snow continues

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ken elmes 2:33pm Mon 21 Jan 13
“The North Wind doth blow, and we shall have snow, what will the people do then poor things. They’ll hop skip and . . . “ News Item today – “worst snow since 2010 (how many winters we had since then?) – Schools closed . .” What would they have done in the winters of 1963, snow from Boxing Day till Easter, and 1947 schools never closed then. Life just went on.
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alex twickenham 7:22pm Mon 21 Jan 13
Ken Elmes makes a very good point - I was around in 1947, albeit only aged 3, so I can't remember a thing but my mother told me that we took to sea on a BP tanker - the British Holly, I think, from Plymouth in a blizzard in March of that year. My father had just been demobbed and we were going to join him in Abadan. Apparently I and the skipper's dog were the only living things who were not seasick on the entire voyage via the cape! I took my driving test in February 1963 in the Berkshire Downs with snow everywhere. Being something of a cool dude by then I refused to use my instructors stodgy Standard 8 and took the test in my mother's Sunbeam Rapier which had been pre-owned by Rootes racing or Sheila van Damm of Windmill Theatre fame and raced in the Monte Carlo rally and the Mille Miglia. One of her races ended in disaster when she got stuck in tram lines and was forced into a shop window. In my case I was lucky, despite reversing around a corner into a snowdrift I passed! If anyone is interested in any details of the '47 BP tanker or '56 Rapier, let me know. Alex
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