A man who risked his life to save his dog was rescued last night after he fell into a freezing lake.

He followed his pet after it fell through the fragile ice covering the boating lake at Alexandra Palace at 8.30pm.

However, the ice also gave way under his feet and he found himself engulfed in the treacherous waters in sub-zero temperatures.

Horrified onlookers called the fire brigade. More than 25 fire fighters from Edmonton, Euston and Hornsey fire stations arriving to save the troubled pair.

They jumped into dinghys and pulled the man from the icy depths before bringing him to safety by the lakeside and covering him in sheets to warm his soaking body.

However, the man refused to leave his dog’s side until he too was rescued by the firefighters.

The treasured dog, believed to be a Bordeaux Mastiff, had made his way out of the ice onto the island in the centre of the lake.

Firefighters spent an hour searching the island until they found the dog, which was reunited with his owner.