The daughter of a man, believed to have once lived in Mitcham, is appealing for help in tracing her father.

Jo Harvey, 35, has made several attempts to find John Simmons throughout her life, but has always hit a brick wall.

Miss Harvey was born in April 1977 and grew up on the Wirral in Merseyside.

She is now living in Brussels but is hoping someone may recognise her father in the one grainy picture she has of him.  

Mr Simmons, who would now be about 60, is believed to have once lived in Fernlea Road, Mitcham, 35 years ago, but that is the only information his daughter has about him.

Miss Harvey said: “Everybody knows where they came from and to me a father is someone who picks you up when you’re crying and puts you to bed at night.

“I’m never going to have that, but what it will do is give me closure and put a face to the other half of me.”

Miss Harvey’s father first met her mother on Barry Island in south Wales but after the relationship broke down they lost touch.

She added: “I appreciate that a lot of time has passed and if he’s alive he’s probably got another family of his own.

“I would be sensitive toward that just in case if he was alive and he looks at this and thinks ‘I’m not getting involved’. It’s just about unanswered questions and knowing where I came from.”

Anyone with information please email Miss Harvey on, or call 07940 342639.