FOLLOWING a day of voting, the result of Kent’s first police and crime commissioner election will be announced today (November 23).

Votes from across Dartford and Gravesend have been digitally collated and sent to Dover District Council electronically.

The result is expected to be announced from Dover Town Hall today (November 23).

Six candidates battled it out for the £85,000 a year position, which has been described as the most radical shake-up of the police service in half a century.

With low voting turnouts already being reported across the country, a combination of apathy, cold and dark weather and lack of awareness are being blamed.

Experts predicted yesterday turnout could be as low as 15 per cent in some areas and in neighbouring Essex, a turnout of 13 per cent was confirmed this morning by Essex County Council.

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper said the elections for the new commissioners had descended in to a shambles, with many voters taking to Twitter to describe the low turnout at their polling stations.

Ms Cooper said: “We warned the Government repeatedly that they had the wrong approach and that turnout would be low.

“Theresa May and David Cameron didn't listen and it is shocking that they have spent £100 million on these elections rather than on 3,000 police constables instead.”

The new commissioners will control police budgets, set priorities and have the power to hire and fire Chief Constables.