PUPILS at a Sydenham school made a bid to break the record for the world’s biggest practical science lesson yesterday.

Year 8 students of Sydenham High School took part in two gravity-measuring experiments at the same time as 2,250 girls at 25 schools across the country on November 13.

The record-breaking young women also aimed to break a national trend in physics being favoured by boys over girls.

Headteacher Kathryn Pullen said: "This exciting record attempt will also be part of our own 125th anniversary celebration.

"It’s crucial to nurture more women scientists so it’s disturbing to think that nearly half of all co-ed maintained schools in England do not send even one girl on to do physics at A-level.

"The enthusiasm from our Year 8 girls for participating in this experiment indicates that we’ll continue to buck some of the less encouraging educational trends."

The world’s biggest science lesson was run by schools in the Girls’ Day School Trust as part of its 140th anniversary celebrations.