NEWS Shopper has helped bring Christmassy cheer back to the people of West Wickham.

Last week we reported how Transport for London (TfL) had put the town's 20 year history of High Street Christmas lights in jeopardy.

Health and safety killjoys had threatened to force traders to fork out £4,000 for safety certificates proving the lampposts could take the weight of illuminations.

But shortly after News Shopper's story was published, transport chiefs called a meeting with secretary of West Wickham Traders Association, Jane Avis.

It was then announced traders could put up the lights at no extra cost.

Trader Anne Jones who works at Co-operative Funeralcare in the High Street said: "I’m pleased they’ve finally seen sense. "We’re all celebrating."

Charles Sebestyen, 70, of Woodland Way, was another resident who tried to keep the Christmas High Street spirit alive.

He said: "I just want to say thank you to News Shopper for the work they’ve done on getting our lights back.

"It is very, very good news for us and a victory. "We often lose more than we gain as residents so it’s good to have this."