EACH parking space in one Bexleyheath town centre car park earnt the council more than £1,600 last year.

The pay and display car park in Oaklands Road was the most used by motorists between April 2011 and March 2012, selling 146,555 tickets.

Ticket sales from the 134-space car park generated a massive £224,600 for Civic Centre coffers.

The majority of motorists parked for between one and four hours at a cost of £1 for an hour, £1.40 for two hours or £1.90 for four hours.

Revenue from Oaklands Road was £86,000 more than the second busiest car park in the borough, which was at the Civic Centre offices in Bexleyheath.

Each space in two further car parks generated more than £1,000 each and these were in Thanet Road and the High Street in Bexley Village.

Figures published by Bexley Council show their pay and display car parks earnt them £1.8 million last year through the sale of 1.2 million tickets.

The least used was Stonewood Road car park in Erith.

Just 1,177 motorists parked in this 42-space car park which earnt Bexley Council just £2,800.

Pay by Phone parking

Pay by phone parking figures suggest only a small number of motorists are using the pay-by-phone parking system.

Bexley Council controversially launched the new service in August last year.

In March this year, only 31 motorists used their phone to pay for parking at the Thanet Road car park in Bexley Village.

And in the first nine months of 2012, just 548 drivers used the system to park in the same car park.

Between April 2011 and March 2012, 52,000 motorists parked at Thanet Road.