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How to write a CV

Words that Sabotage Your CV!

12:38pm Wednesday 8th June 2011

Creating a winning CV is a feat of strategy involving focus, wording, design and content selection. To achieve a career marketing document that wins interviews, all areas of the strategy must be spot-on and consciously used in the most effective manner. One of the most common mistakes job candidates make when writing their CVs is not paying attention to strategy and word selection.

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CV Writing - The Essential Guide For Success

12:27pm Wednesday 8th June 2011

What should a good CV look like, and what should it contain? Start by thinking about the reason you have a CV - the reason is not to get you a job - even though that is the end result you want. The reason for a CV is to get you an interview.

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10 things to leave off your CV

12:16pm Wednesday 8th June 2011

Job seekers do themselves a disservice when they send out CVs with too much information. Employers don't have the time or the patience to sift through irrelevant, extensive and false information. Just stick to the basics and you're good to go.

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Is Your CV Extinct? Seven Things to Update

10:56am Tuesday 18th January 2011

Job hunting is always hard work. You look through job ads, send out applications, go to interviews and improve your networking. And you're still not getting any offers? Take a closer look at your CV.

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